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    Panda Inventory

    Inventory software for enhance your results

The way to build your inventory and delivery as soon as posible. Check out our demo and features included.

Panda Inventory is a powerful Inventory Software for your ERP

We help you to improve your business process in logistics.

Don't waste your time and your money.

Multi company

Manage your companies.

ERP integration

Integration with popular ERP solutions (Odoo and SAP).

Multi warehouse

Manage your warehouses and optimize their usage. Don't waste your time.

Stats, report and tasks

Custom boards for your requirements : tasks, reports and graphs. All for you to analyze the status of your inventory.

Panda Inventory is ready for your warehouses ...

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Our Demo ...ready to use!

Full companies with multi warehouses

Products data grid

Powerful report boards

Use report boards to analyze and export your critical information.

Report boards to analyze your inventory!

Start managing your inventory now using Panda Inventory

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Warehouses data grid

Everything you need for your warehouses.

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Key Features

There are so many reasons to choose Panda Inventory, here are a few items:

ERP Integration (Odoo and SAP)

Multi company

Multi Warehouse

Rules and worklows

Task boards

Report boards

and so much more ...